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  • Lmao. I'm guessing, Uber charged the little prick? Nice to get a little vengeance out here, for a change! Good job. Lol!
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    She was one of those young poor pax that had never been in a car for hire before Uber. First thing she did was scope out the car for stuff to steal.
    The little thief that stole my iPhone charger was charged $35 after a series of emails to Uber. I created an invoice at the Apple store, did a screen shot, cxl the purchase and sent in the screenshot as the receipt.

    Best part is I bought it at the dollar store.
    Let's help each other out. I only drive lyft guarantee. I know how to sign up without the opt in email, but this week i forgot to and did it on sat. Not sure if that matter but normally I would always get a opt in email later but didn't this week. I wanted u to sent me the email, if they sent it to u b4 they sent to me, via versa. Let me know if ur ok with this. Thx
    Sorry, had to clear my inbox. Try it now.
    It's full again. Sorry never got notification. Hit me back. I think you may appreciate my info if you are not already utilizing.
    Hello ATL2SD. hoping you can answer a question for me: I drive in Temecula and occasionally drive PAX fto SD airport. When I am at the terminal I notice my app screen changes indicating that there is, as an example, a "4 - 12" minute wait. This gives me the impression there is a waiting line for Uber drivers to pick up a PAX. Do you know if this is the case and more importantly...Where is this line??? Thank You.
    Yo thanks for the follow amigo. High praise! Been watching your stuff for awhile. We think alike it seems. Be well, love the avatar :smiles:
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