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    I have the worst scenario.
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    Gotta be safe out there guys.

    Nissan altima always on a rush for some reason.
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    UWS pax are always the worst. You can't win.

    If she says you drive “erratically”, you should have said try taking a yellow cab, she’ll pay more price and shit service with a pinch of hell’s view.
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    Eid Muslim Holiday. June 3rd to June 4th , evening to evening. Advise?

    Are you an alien from another planet or is your brain dead?
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    Heart next to tip notification

    Damn, I am sure you not driving in NYC, cuz I have neverrr had that many people tip in Uber.
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    Passenger on drugs attacks the driver

    I really feel bad for the driver, and I am glad he had the camera cuz you know these Lyft or Uber dont F**ing trust driver’s complaints. When you complaint, their response all the time will be “we’ll make sure you dont matched with the rider”. Bullshit. Good job holding your nerves my friend!
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    Lol, can you imagine the shit show if this passes

    An actress? Line ride? Lots of confusion in the story
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    Waze no network

    Change Lte to 4g
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    uber adding some bunkers features for riders

    I am cancelling every trip that has this kind of special request. Goodbye Felicia! You can get ride from ? behind me.
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    The map is missing!

    Not dependent on the UBer map, we Can’t see where the surges are as this happened at 1.7x surge time
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    The map is missing!

    Same here
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    Passenger luggage

    You help them with heavy luggages and on top of that you get the back pain just to see later that a$$hole pax had not tipped you. So be the force with you guys helping pax with their luggage??
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    LOCK YOUR DOORS!!!!until it is clear

    Felt bad for this guy early Morning today. Another fallen door.??
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    Uber VIP new member

    Top riders my a$$??‍♂️