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    A post to a topic that is relevant to TNC work and is on the Washington Boards.
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    400 More Uber Employees Get Ubered

    Some of these sleazeball companies actually told employees that they were going to lay them off in favour of H-1B workers. To add insult to injury, a few days after passing out the pink slips, they made an offer to said pink slipped employees: a six week extension if they would train their...
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    Everyone gets the same quest?

    They have been cutting ours South of Your Border for some time. We are getting less than fifty cents US extra per trip here. It looks like you are still getting about seventy five cents US extra per trip up there.
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    Astros and Nats for the series

    I am glad that it is not the Yankees. My second favourite team is ALWAYS whoever is playing the Yankees. Public Service Entry: According to WTOP, there are going to be watch parties Tuesday and Wednesday at the ballpark. They had a watch party for Game Five of the NLDS. They gave away...
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    Public Service advisory: BE AWARE: Virginia is still storing your information.

    Currently, there are no regulatory requirements in the District of Columbia, Maryland or Virginia that drivers carry a TNC endorsement or policy. Uber, Lyft and VIA do not require that their drivers carry a TNC endorsement of policy. Your insurance company might require that you carry a TNC...
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    Public Service advisory: BE AWARE: Virginia is still storing your information.

    Those of you who have been here for some time will remember that at one point, we had to get TNC stickers from Virginia and display them on the back glass of our cars. In order to get those stickers, we, Uber or Lyft had to submit information to Virginia which was put into a database. Among...
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    Real ID Documents - MVA

    A post to a topic that is pertinent to TNC work and that appears on the Washington Boards.
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    Nats in the World Series!!!!!!!

    I am going to the games. I did not get my tickets on Stub Hub. They cost enough getting them from the Nationals. 1571341692 Friday the 25th-SRO start at just under nine hundred, Deplorables Row at nine hundred. Saturday the 26th-SRO start at just under eight-fifty, Deplorables Row at just...
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    Surge diff...rider vs. driver

    A post to a topic on the Washington Boards. This topic has to do with TNC work.
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    NFC East

    49ers beat LA. Redskins ACTUALLY win:wideyed::wideyed::wideyed:* Sadly, the Donk-0s are winning. .............and dallas lost to THE JETS. The Jets were 0-4 going into this game and almost guaranteed losers. They are among the most pathetic teams in the NFL and have been pathetic for some time.
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    Is it possible to make $1000 in a week with lyft ?

    Uodate on Post #533. I finished my forty trips to-day, Sunday. Late starts on Friday and Saturday did not permit me to knock out the whole thing by Saturday. Friday $143,10-fares/$15,69 tips/$2,51 ride bonuses/seven hours Saturday- $131,13 fares/$16,95 tips/$11,97 ride bonuses/seven hours...
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    Is it possible to make $1000 in a week with lyft ?

    I got wait listed early September. They wait listed me for eight days. I expected to be de-activated permanently, but Gryft re-instated me. I had taken the application out of my telephone. I did not put it back until I got this e-mail about this guarantee. It is not a bad guarantee. I...
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    Patriots Game Golden Corral Meetup?

    ............Nationals game that evening for me and GF.......................
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    Is it possible to make $1000 in a week with lyft ?

    Meanwhile, back on topic, did anyone get this four hundred dollar weekend guarantee from Gryft? They told me that if I ran forty jobs between 0500 to-day and 0500 Monday.I would earn at least four hundred dollars. That is about the minimum of what would keep me out there in the cab, as it...
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    Nationals in the Postseason

    If work those games you must, get at the northern fringes and either make them come to you or decline anything that is not near you. We went to the game. The traffic to get out was horrid. We are going to Sunday and Monday, if Monday is necessary.