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    Hey guys need advice !

    A dollar tip for that ride? It seems like pax never intended to pay and framed you for fraud to get their money back. Definitely go to a Hub.
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    “I’m waving my Purple Screen. Can you see me?”

    My favorite one was "Yeah, we're the guys on the corner in Blazers jerseys." @@@@@@ YOU'RE AT A FREAKING BLAZERS GAME
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    How much touching is ok?

    Pax, driver, straight, not, whatever... Keep your hands to yourself.
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    Tonights traffic warning

    I used to live along the route and it always startled me to see them ride past. I felt bad for the stragglers.
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    I had to wait over an hour just for a courier to pickup my meal because I'm being discriminated for not tipping!

    OP is a known troll who loves to rile drivers up about not tipping. (S)he gets bored often and always posts topics along these lines.
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    Newbie Assist pls.

    Because the majority of your Van rides will take you into Portland and PDX. If you don't want to deadmile back up north, you're gonna have to pickup pax in Portland. The business license is super easy to acquire though, they do it for you at the GLH
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    Who is cheaper Today?

    I can think of a few posters here who are pretty damn cheap but I don't think I'm allowed to name names.
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    I had to wait over an hour just for a courier to pickup my meal because I'm being discriminated for not tipping!

    Well if you don't want to wait you're gonna have to pony up. Welcome to how the real world works.
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    Seriously, where is everyone?

    See, never knew that. I've always sent a text and waited 5 minutes so I could screenshot. Oh well.
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    Seriously, where is everyone?

    Been doing UE for a few months and recently switched to it exclusively. I earn more in my market, better tips, and nobody throwing up in my car or tearing seats apart. I've had a few no-showscancel take food. But man, my last 3 days I've had one each day. I'll ring, wait, knock, wait, ring...
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    Yep. Unless there's a bonus attached, McD's gets a cancelation.
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    Accepting a cancelled order

    Yeah, CYA and call UE support. It's also for the next poor driver who takes the ping and the restaurant staff who have to deal with 5 drivers in a row for the same order.
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    How often do people puke in your car/ almost puke in your car?

    I've been driving since October. Granted I don't drive past 10 pm. I've only had one puker in my own kid. Still irritated I didn't think about submitting a cleaning fee.
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    Uber Cheating on Promotional Offerings See their response to me

    Expect nothing from Uber and you will never be disappointed.