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    Anyone actually making money driving in Burlington?

    haha, I just feel for that person who paid $108... but I am sure they knew that before requesting :) :) cheers !
  2. aMaze

    Fare cuts and now no guarantees

    when exactly did the cuts happen ?
  3. aMaze


    I agree ! UVM student ratings are all over the map. I have worked some 2-4AM bar but have seen that despite me being right there, folks just wait the surge out, they get into cabs than get a surge Uber. some one I almost always see Uber'ing, is in a white kia soul, with neon blue Uber logo...
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    interesting stats, 59 views and just 2 folks :) :) seems like there are more UberPs here from BTV than we know :P
  5. aMaze

    Fare cuts and now no guarantees

    i was there a the other weekend, 4.3x surge, and did not get ANY calls, until surge dropped to 1.3x so even surge is not helpful. gonna stop working late nights - just not worth it
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    New to Uber, where's the best areas

    although I am not in boston area, but these are very useful tips thanks for sharing !
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    Can I Net $1000 next week in Boston?

    if the uber app is on your nexus, how do you text passengers through it ?
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    Hello I am new to U|P, so trying to connect with folks who are in the same [Uber] 'boat' :) I know we have at least 4 folks from the BTV I ll start myself My Model: 1980 M Car Model: 2007 Korean 4DR Black Joined Uber: 09/2015 Work hrs: this is my side job, so I mostly work weekends, some...
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    my car

    you got nothing to worry about,. mine is 2007 korean sedan although it IS black ! [ as if that is all that matters... lol]
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    Driver issues in Burlington Vermont

    Hey do you mind putting a shout out in the city forum request, so we can get out own sub forum ? that thread is here https://uberpeople.net/threads/burlington-vt.36764/ Thanks
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    Burlington, VT

    and 4 !
  12. aMaze

    Burlington, VT

    yay !! we have 4 now
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    Burlington, VT

    I am also voting to add Burlington. we have 4 members now, eyewall, wrb82 uber_saab [ i think thats his correct ID] & me :) not sure how long it takes from the time of asking to actually creating a city forum for the website admins
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    Post your ratings

    thank you for your reply / support thinking of going out Uber-ing tonight
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    A rider vomited on the side of my car last night

    whoa ! must have been pretty bad. for the same reason, i wont be driving when there iss now on the ground, as i cant afford to damage the interior [or just reclean-washdry-vacuum] at current rates [or any rate for that matter] i always drive on dry nights [& some days]