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    State of Emergency: Saint Paddy's Day

    Eppley is considered its own thing, but yeah, no matter what, it sounds like it won't surge more than $1.50 or $2.00. Considering the flooding is still going on in many parts, I bet it is a few more days at least. How'd you do last weekend?
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    220 tip last night

    You made the right choice. Congrats on the tip :)
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    Post your 'best/worst' St. Paddy's Day story from today.

    I got a passenger request from some random dude. About 1 minute later, while heading to the pickup, I get an in-Uber text "For Raphael" So, I texted back "I like Michaelangelo and Donatello way better" 10 seconds later (1 minute to pickup), they cancelled the ride. LOL, the next ride I got...
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    Pulled over...

    Been pulled over twice driving with passengers. Both with expired tags, both times they thanked me for being a Lyft driver and sent me on my way without further time, nor even a written warning lol. Omaha cops are pretty laid back.
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    State of Emergency: Saint Paddy's Day

    Well, all weekend, on what should have been my biggest earning weekend of the year, Omaha and its surrounding areas had no surge because the governor of Nebraska issued a state of emergency due to the widespread flooding we have had. In an effort to avoid looking like they are engaging in price...
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    Don't take surge rides !

    Are you subtracting the service fee/booking fee before making those calculations? That would be extremely high on average. I don't think you can count that 2.55 or 2.80 for Uber if you are doing so. Those fees are used to pay both their and your taxes and fees that localities charge you to run...
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    Don't take surge rides !

    That's not entirely accurate. Based on hundreds of rides that I have crunched both before and after the switch to flat surge, the amount kept by Uber on average is lower now than it was when surge was based on a multiplier. There are outlier rides, of course, but then again, there were outlier...
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    Don't take surge rides !

    Since that post I have Quantified the amount that Uber takes per ride. They do indeed very between 10% and 40% on many rides. Lift on the other hand rarely ever goes above 25%. But, since the amount per mile and per minute are the same, I get paid the same either way. Also, since Lyft rarely...
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    UP in flames

    Sorry, dude! Nice thing is you got 300k out of it, I wish you good luck finding a worthy successor!
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    My first day driving for Uber, my thoughts as a Lyft driver.

    Since that post: 47% Tips from Lyft in-app 38% Tips from Uber in-app It is interesting how the dynamic changes across the country. I would say, overall (check my deep dive post in Stories if you are interested), Uber makes me more money, but I would rather take short pickup-window Lyft rides...
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    Gave a ride to a professional cross dresser last night.

    I picked up a guy in a similar situation, once. Similar height, too. Huge dude, said his character's name was "Bitzy", he was wearing a corset and mini-skirt and just looked absolutely ridiculous, but, as with everything, if it doesn't hurt anybody else, then do what you like. Nice enough guy...
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    That ride would have been $53.03 in my area. It's not really that bad. I mean, I feel you since it used to be higher, but you did just make $51/hr gross on that ride. It's tough to argue that amount is too low. It's really the short rides with long pickups where the amount really starts to rob you.
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    Report your city's rates

    Seriously salivating at those rates. I would quit my job and go full time for rates like those!
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    My first day driving for Uber, my thoughts as a Lyft driver.

    Thank goodness, no! I am a block from Zorinsky Lake, but up a hill, so it would be pretty tough to get to my level, but my sister's basement flooded pretty bad. I heard the Elkhorn River was at record levels last night, and the Papio is bank to bank at this point. Pretty scary!