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    Lyft “take”

    In the last 6 months in Omaha, Lyft has gone from the better of the two platforms to utter dog crap. No surge No ability to see where a ride is heading before accepting Spotty ride challenges Everyone knows I used to push them over Uber all day long, but at this point, Uber is definitely the...
  2. AlteredBeast

    Lyft Rate Card for your market

    Omaha is really lucky to keep our rate mostly intact. Lyft did lower their XL rates to match Uber's XL rates, but it is still pretty good, and the Lyft/UberX rates are way better here than in most markets.
  3. AlteredBeast

    Called sketchy trying to help drunk young girl

    ugghhh, a wild incel appears. All girls are definitely not like this. If this is all you know, get out more.
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    If you are a conservatve, don't talk politics

    In my car, I am whatever anyone needs me to be to get that cheddar. I might think Conservatives are backward people, but my riders would never know that. Unless they are willing to have an open discussion of views, and not extol their own demented thinking, I just nod and laugh. about 60% of my...
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    Turned into a cash ride

    Surge is off in Nebraska again for yet another stupid state of emergency due to flooding (which is not localized in Omaha, the only major city in the state), so I am probably going to be running a Jitney taxi for College World Series visitors during this week. Sure as hell not running in that...
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    Step your game up

    Love to see this guy's tip ratio and amounts. lol
  7. AlteredBeast

    What was your best tip?

    $400 tip, documented in the Tips section, 3 $100 tips, multiple times reaching 50 to 60 range.
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    The Christian driver's thread

    It says that they rebelled in the time of Noah and rejoiced when he came. That sounds pretty human to me...what else could it possibly be?
  9. AlteredBeast

    Anyone with similar numbers???

    Money well spent, my friend. Now you can go and put money away before age comes knocking! :P I have used Uber/Lyft as a transitional income fund for the last year and it has been great for me. I wouldn't have made it through this job change without it, but I have only done about 3200 rides...
  10. AlteredBeast

    The Christian driver's thread

    I myself find it interesting that Jesus went to hell or some semblance thereof to preach to the lost souls from the time of Noah who had rejected the message back then. It shows that redemption can be had and made on a continual basis. Yes, of course now is the time for us to prepare to meet...
  11. AlteredBeast

    Rich dude paying to wait

    I would and have taken similar situations multiple times. But always leave the app going. I would have told him I would start the ride so it wouldn't time out on him. Might as well be getting paid to wait, too.
  12. AlteredBeast

    Anyone with similar numbers???

    I realize you are working like a dog, but at least that is some good scratch, even accounting for maintenance, gas, insurance, tax, and other associated costs.
  13. AlteredBeast

    Post highest earnings in a single day

    I have scratched at the $500 mark several times. Last time was a bit of a cheat. I made about 120ish one night a couple of months ago...and then got a $400 tip from some lady :P
  14. AlteredBeast

    Anyone with similar numbers???

    total income from all those trips? Always wonder about stats. Love knowing what other people do!
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    A first for me, Picked up client during tornado warning

    tornado warnings in the midwest are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, it causes everyone to just kind of ignore them. When my wife first moved with me back to the midwest, she would call me freaking out every time there was a warning on TV and I would have to tell her that the weathermen would put...