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    Uber bringing back 80/20 commission and surge multiplier?

    Some of my best days as an uber driver
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    Snow today

    Anywhere from nothing to 4 inches in the 3 to 6pm range. Sounds like evening commute might be $$$ if you like driving in snow
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    NFC East

    I'm ok with McCarthy. I just wished Jones would of waited til after the superbowl Never know what talent would be there
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    New Years 2020; LIVE Tally thread

    I'm really glad I didnt go out last night if everyone was only pulling $300 levels. Sad state of affairs to how Uber used to be
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    Stay safe tonight friends

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    New Years 2020; LIVE Tally thread

    Stay safe tonight folks
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    NYE bonus

    Waiting for that time where drivers literally say F it and stop driving in masse. I feel like we are approaching it. Economy is getting to good for drivers to keep making the same amount or less
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    The days that follow NYE

    Most people are back however I would still expect airport runs to increase til Sunday.
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    NYE bonus

    This is peanuts to how it used to be. Things have changed for me tomorrow so I wont be driving for the first time in 5 years on NYE. Looks like I wont be missing on much. I would guess that it's going to be ant city til 2. Everyone will have hit 11 rides or given up and go home. The late late...
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    Are you ready for NYE.!!!!!

    I may go out and do an early crowd. I also my keep going as my hopefully last day driving ever. Just go out and be mean and money grub all night. A pure follow of my commandment of not caring about ratings
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    Whats the plan for next year?.

    My goal is to not drive all year. I almost made it this year minus about 100-200 hours. ☹
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    NFC East

    Confusing times in the NFL today
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    So now there is really no reason at all to go up tiers.

    Emailed to me. I literally copied and paste the words out of it
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    Lyft will give low-cost rides from ‘food deserts’ in Prince George’s Co. to grocery stores

    Oh man high risk areas where you have to stop and wait for food to be loaded and unloaded. (Some poor sap gets out to help and leaves the door open) What could ever go wrong here?