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    Officially declined

    You're just now figuring this out?
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    Uber Close Enough Rule! ✊

    Well, I'm not a punjabi princess or have any desire to be one, but after reading this thread, I called Diamond support, told them I missed the NYE Quest second level by one ride and they paid me the $35...... I didn't know about the "close enough" rule either...
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    Too many drivers

    One of the first assumptions I made when Lyft cut the rates....lets's see how many of those 15 and 20 minute pickup requests we get from Lyft now......
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    Rate Your OverAll NYE/NYD RS Experience 🥳😭

    I worked a couple of hours in the afternoon, then another side gig I do until about 8:30...then Uber until about 4:30. The entire city was surging from 12 - 3 am, but all of the rides I got were just short enough not to multiply. I missed the Uber Quest by one ride because I did manage to get...
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    Lyft has got to be kidding

    Probably should have taken those requests in Prescott....the rate card for Lyft is better there...
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    Lyft on New Years Eve

    What's changed on Lyft? 1. Rate cut from .60 per mile to .35 per mile (you get paid that rate from the time of accepting the ride to pickup as well) 2. Elimination of Primetime zones 3. Introduction of Personal Power Zones (random bonuses) 4. Elimination of Power Driver Bonus 5. Reduction of...
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    So, how is the "Start Earning as Soon as You Tap Accept" experiment working out. Any new markets added.

    Just like the mainstream news media...just pull out the part of the quote that works for you and don't include the context.....
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    Lyft bad pickup location feedback: Useless but strangely satisfying to write

    I've sent similar messages to Lyft....logically, I know that they will be ignored, but emotionally, I do feel better about writing and sending them...
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    So, how is the "Start Earning as Soon as You Tap Accept" experiment working out. Any new markets added.

    I'm in a market that got the Lyft rate cut in August. For the first couple of months afterward, I tracked all my Lyft rides with the rate cut vs the previous rate card. I discovered that on about 75% of the Lyft rides I did, I actually made more money than I would have under the previous rate...
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    DAC application deadline extended

    There is a driver on one of our local facebook pages that did a driver panel for Uber awhile back....he posted how he suggested that Uber should have some type of college tuition program, and VOILA....the ASU online thing was offered. I told him that that was nice and may be a benefit for some...
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    "Say my Name" nonsense

    The more I read this thread, the more I think about my response.... I think if I ever get the "Say My Name" question.....I'll respond with ..."I don't know your name, but my my name is XXXX, and if you are waiting for Uber/Lyft, you're welcome to check my license plate to verify that I am your...
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    "Say my Name" nonsense

    Amen, brother! But don't ruin the story with details..... Ms Josephson's murder was tragic, I don't want to lose sight of that.. But the bottom line is that her actions (getting severely intoxicated and getting into a random car) were directly responsible for what happened. When this subject...
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    "Say my Name" nonsense

    This is pretty much what I do.....I may also respond to the question with "What's your driver's name from the app?" If I get any pushback, I tell them they are welcome to check my license plate against the app. It may be futile, but I am trying to enlighten pax to the fact that they have...
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    Lyft pulls out of Skyharbor January 2020

    It would be built into the algorithm not to dispatch any rides with Sky Harbor as the destination. I would guess it would include the rental car center as well.