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    Hi guys just want to ask if any of you have been paid? I cashed out my earnings for Monday only as I only worked the one day and still haven't recieved payment.
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    Why Uber driver onboard in Birmingham can't work in Oxfordshire london Kent Surrey Buckinghamshire

    Your only allowed to work in the Midlands if you onboarded in Birmingham
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    Insurance upload

    Now a message has come up saying your driver account is not updated
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    Insurance upload

    Can I still work as normal as my current policy doesn't run out till midnight?
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    Insurance upload

    Hi all I have a quick question regarding my insurance, basically my insurance runs out tomorrow at midnight, I have already renewed my policy which starts at midnight from tomorrow, can I upload my insurance before hand or do I have to wait till my old one expires? I thought there may be some...
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    Instant pay isn't available in UK anyway only applies to USA I think.
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    Uber payments?

    You should do. I usually receive mine on Wednesday night/Thursday morning but no sign of it yet
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    Cancelation fee

    I think this must be a glitch. There are separate £8.40 payments showing up on account as additional cancellation fees.
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    Cancelation fee

    Iv received £28. What is this cancellation fee for?
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    End to uber in london

    I don't understand how it will work with regards to recieving holiday pay etc. Would that mean we are required to work shifts? Meaning we would lose the ability to log on whenever we like?
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    Nothing changes

    I decided to log on to the app tonight and thought I'd do a few hours after 3 months, it's got even worse since lol 1hr 34 min online £5.28 after commission
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    Travelling time to pickups

    My travelling time for pickups seems to be 12,13,14,15 minutes every time I get a job, can anyone clarify why this may be? Iv accepted a few trips and travelled to pick them up and the trips goes 1 mile down the road so from now on I refuse to accept jobs more than 7 minutes away from me, I'm...
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    Uber threats

    [UBER] Adam we noticed that you may have been confirming availability to take trips when you are unable to complete them. To provide a great service to their riders we expect partners to be able to complete the majority of the bookings allocated to them when online unless there is a good reason...
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    It's a dead night!!!

    Yes very shit tonight
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    Black Country promotion

    this week some uber drivers have received texts saying they will get minimum £10 fare guarantee and others haven't, we all work in same area, I have messaged them and waiting for a response