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    How doesan uber driver achieve and maintain a 4.85 or higher star rating?

    Are you from Compton? South Central LA is worse like Watts give the bloods and the crypts rides just don't wear blue or red 1590452476 And if you want to keep a 4.85 rating that just download the Rider app and order and give yourself rides and give yourself 5 stars and keep doing that till your...
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    When will the Tempe hub reopen?

    Anybody have any information about when the Hub will reopen
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    Face masks mandatory

    I guess probably because you don't know what you're doing and don't know how to make money and as far as Arizona suing Uber why should that happen? If you want to sue Uber you should move to California, this is Arizona and I want to be considered an independent contractor and not an employee if...
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    Uber will require everyone to wear masks starting Monday — and is using AI to enforce the rules

    My Masks are on the way but I don't do uberX so I don't need a mask I don't wear a mask in the restaurant where I pick up most people want delivery at their door with no contact so I don't need a mask to do that driving by myself with the order I don't need a mask for that and the only time I...
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    The reopening of Arizona has begun

    I worked 2 hours today and made $70 that's $35 an hour I have not stopped working since this pandemic started but I don't do uberX not since mid-march Uber eats only$58.54 on the app and one $12 tip cash in 2 hours 1589089781 This was my last trip today on making that $70 I only did four trips...
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    Lyft Fraud? $300 bonus? BEWARE

    You mean you actually gave them your phone number?
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    So dam bored . Anyone else lets chat lol.

    I've watched all 6 episodes so far waiting for the rest of the episodes
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    So dam bored . Anyone else lets chat lol.

    The 1996 NFC championship is on right now on FS1 the Green Bay Packers at the Dallas cowboys
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    Summer slowdown

    I will, maybe they'll come from Texas with cowboy stars on them
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    Summer slowdown

    Yes it was easy, I wasn't expecting it but they sent me the message over the app and all I had to do is click on it to order the masks I give my address took about 30 seconds to order the masks
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    Summer slowdown

    They sent me the message yesterday if I wanted to order Masks and of course I ordered them and they told me on the message it would be about a week before they would arrive with no cost to me I just pushed the button order now and they said one week
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    Summer slowdown

    I have not put anybody in my car since mid-march over a month and a half I have been doing Uber eats only but I still do a lot of calls doing Uber eats and 99% of my calls tip me whereas when I was doing Uber x about 20% tipped everyone getting food delivery are tipping and I I am averaging...
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    Summer slowdown

    Uber is providing Masks mine are on the way from Uber and will arrive in about a week 1588902051
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    Face masks mandatory

    I'm just going to use my wife's kotex to make Masks not the used ones but the ones out of the bag
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    Vehicle Inspection? Uber Tempe Office closed?

    You mean you're not the boss, even if you lease a car from somebody doesn't make them your boss, if you're not the boss, who the hell is