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    36% ?? So glad My mortgage payment doesn't depend on this "Gig"

    Driver pay hasn't been percentage based in a looong time. Did you get the correct amount for time and mileage?
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    Be assured that the drivers won't be paired with that customer again. Resolved. Rohit
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    Kansas City to be first major U.S. city to get rid of bus fares

    Cool at first. Then exploited. I wonder what the crime rate will do on public transportation....
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    Tip skimming Jacksonville FL uber eats.

    lol. Call the AG because a customer said 5 and you got 4? The even dollar amount option tips are 2, 4, 6.
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    Dashcam Recommendations

    I read the manual and leave it on the glass year round. I just know to park in the shade when it's hot. If "Dustin" is in Phoenix or LV, it could be a different story. We have trees here. lol
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    Dashcam Recommendations

    Mine has been fine through two Georgia Summers now.
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    Had a new thing today.

    Picked up from a restaurant with a car halfway through the wall. FD, PD, and ambulances everywhere. The food was ready. I will accept every single order for that place from now on. $2 guarantee... Accepted.
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    Hi I'm Ian, welcome to my crib (Christmas edition)

    I've never seen someone that carried gained weight in their cheeks before. Except for the pet hamster I had when I was 10.
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    I'm out of here!

    Can someone please give the OP a badge or something?
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    LMAO courier sends texts asking for tips

    You riding on a prepaid card?
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    Uber’s brilliant

    Decline to improve your Acceptance rate?
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    LMAO courier sends texts asking for tips

    He said he only makes $2 per trip. He's probably correct after expenses.
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    Prescription Marijuana

    I won't claim to be smarter, but apparently I have better Google-Fu.
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    Uber ratings

    Try 1 or 2. No questions.
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    Prescription Marijuana

    So... you should know what you're speaking on.