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    Non monetary tips

    I got “Disney on Ice” 4 tickets but after I quit Uber. Hahaha. I quit that job too. Disney on ice was fun however and I I do have family of 4. When I drove for Uber I tried one night not to be a driver but a lover . One night girl asked me out and we never see each other again , didn’t like...
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    Major problems U/L driver face being contractors: - No sick days - No health insurance for driver or family - No PTO hours - If a car breaks down, no help from anybody - Abusive riders ,they actually can turn tables and pretend to be a victim - No one will date you or respect what you do for...
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    Post Uber : don’t know what to do with coworker

    Thank you for your advices! I think I will handle it just like you guys says - be polite but don’t engage. I wish he just went away but he tries to be friends with me every time I see him, he’s got something to ask me every time. Just stay away from me is what I want. What makes it hard for me...
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    Post Uber : don’t know what to do with coworker

    So I drove for Uber for 4 years , partly because I don’t wanna deal with coworkers and bosses. As you might noticed, it’s hard to survive on Uber so I quit driving and got a job and lo and behold I have a situation now, don’t know what to do. Situation : I talked to one of my fellow coworkers...
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    How to deal with backseat drivers?

    I had one lady telling me : take this lane, take that lane, another lane is faster! Finally I said : let me deal with lanes, you can tell me what turn to take but I will deal which lane I am in. What I SHOULD OF said is: lady , you don’t like someone micromanage you at work , right ? Same here.
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    Dear Television News Reporters,

    Reminds me of that song of Destiny’s Child : Say my name Say my name
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    Lyft IPO price action thread

    Lyft will be a fine, profitable company in 2049
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    He has driven for Uber since 2012. He makes about $40,000 a year.

    Very accurate article. Same thing happened to me - the more I drove, the more miles my car had(duhh) and the more I owed credit card companies. If I may give advise - improve your skills. Without skills you only will get by and will owe everyone and everyone will make fun of your situation and...
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    Is it worth it moment.

    My first accident was when a young lady behind me didn’t stop. I was in middle lane, avoiding her was not possible. Got deactivated right away. Second accident was my fault . Statistically the more you drive the more possible you get yourself in some kind of accident. Btw, I am still looking...
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    Is it worth it moment.

    4 years of Uber driving gave me driving anxiety because I got into 2 accidents while doing it. I don’t know how I drove before with people on board . I try not to drive now in general . Lyft and Uber stickers are in the trash for few months now. But yes your car will take a beating while driving...
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    Uber and Lyft drivers will reportedly get stock in the highly anticipated IPOs [CNBC.com]

    $1000 should be enough for a discount bankruptcy attorney.
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    Family of 7 still struggling after father's death in rideshare crash

    If I may give a word of advice to those of you who drive for Uber and Lyft. That $1 million insurance is not only for riders but covers you too. If you are in accident , hire a lawyer to get piece of that $1 mil. I know as a rideshare driver you being treat like piece of sh... and we...
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    Share Uber weekly earning

    - I am a successful Uber driver Said, no one ever
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    Share Uber weekly earning

    You might as well rename topic to “ Brag about your best ever highest earnings here” 99.99% of drivers make very little
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    Scared to drive thanks to Uber

    Something from this movie?I am sorry guys I am not 100% American, wasn't born here. I see my wife watching it every year. Funny. Ok. But not too funny. Make sure to tell your pax next time everything about you, if you do it full time or not, what else do you do so he thinks if you're 50% or...