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    Uber is Evil, Pure Evil

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    Caught a live one......Thoughts on "Cash Rides" after the official Uber Ride?!?!

    I took New England Patriots to a strip club here in San Diego 2-3 years ago
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    10,326 Rides Later, I'm Done.

    Yeah those 2014 rides...that’s when I started too. My first week on Saturday in 2014 I gave a ride to 4 girls from San Francisco. Surprisingly they also acted like you would expect people from San Francisco. Talking about black people being oppressed and lesbian stuff. And that’s all while going...
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    Free at last! Thank God almighty Free at last!

    It’s gonna take a while to switch from driving part time to not driving at all, speaking from my own experience. Because unless you’re lucky , first job you’ll take will be a low paid one. So struggle is not over yet. But in a year it will be easier I hope!
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    What reasons are there for 1*?

    One of my relatives gave Uber driver 1 star for a talk show radio, I think a conservative one. Just saying. And I am NO way responsible for my relatives doing btw.
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    One of those days when I think - I need to get my head examined for doing Uber.

    My Uber drivers are so poor, they are featured in food stamp commercials - Dara 1570285898 My Uber drivers are so poor, even their food stamps are bouncing -Dara 1570286412 My Uber drivers are so poor, hungry children from Africa send them money. - Dara
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    One of those days when I think - I need to get my head examined for doing Uber.

    He probably sits in his executive Uber office and making jokes : How many Uber drivers do you need to screw in a light bulb ?
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    Time to move on

    I have removed my Uber sticker a few months ago. I do have a backup one though. Life taught me never to say never, however. But so far I didn't use it. 1570058913 No it electronically sent me a lot of jobs that I had to do with my car. Look, I see your point but the thing is I am in it since...
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    Time to move on

    No, Uber did some damage to my car and I still need to fix it . Living in San Diego and making $1000 a week after taxes is nothing . I’ve already spent 1K in the last month on my car repairs only . Driving for Uber will kill it. No , I am done . Besides , working for my employer above scheduled...
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    Time to move on

    I quit a year or less ago and make now $1000 each week driving 20 miles a work day (10 miles each way) to provide my services to my employer. Before I had oil changes every month, now I treat my car like a car and not a condom . It’s my car . I will give it to my kids as a first car they learn...
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    Uber is introducing a new four-digit PIN verification system to make sure riders don’t get into the wrong vehicle

    If you’re STILL driving for Uber , we just wanna know if you not completely stupid . See those 4 numbers? Put them in that box . We just wanna make sure your IQ is above our minimum of 5. Thank you and Uber on! 1569603671
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    How it all started. Uber claims drivers make $90K for 40 hour work in NYC and $74K in SF

    WARNING 2014 article as well as numbers. This is just one article from 2014 , I found another one with a link to the official Uber blog where they tell about those numbers as a matter of fact . However if you click on that link now, it connects you to Uber Tijuana , Mexico blog. This is because...
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    I QUIT! Got a great job!!!

    I would say it’s my marital status with kids . Single people pay much greater tax . But then of course they only have to pay expenses for themselves. They don’t have to feed 3 other people and buy them clothes and school supplies.
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    I QUIT! Got a great job!!!

    Quit Uber, drove for them part time still. That’s because after Uber , unless you have education, people start small and unfortunately paychecks are also small. So you still need Uber. It took me almost a year to completely stop. I stopped completely because it makes no financial sense doing...
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    My Johnny cab driver days are over...

    They also have to pay you in cash and you can’t report it to the IRS. Because federally it is illegal. I know some people working in that industry here in Cali and they get paid cash because it would be illegal to get direct deposit since banks are federally governed