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    Credit where credit is due

    Kinda looks like he is in the rough too. I wonder what the hair under that hat looks like Ya think it's a skullet?
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    Today's Dumbest Question - How do you know when you're "Activated"

    Click go online and see if you get there May god have mercy on your soul.....
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    My Uber account was hacked.

    If the driver has no money in his account it would be pointless They steal the account and drain all the money since the last withdrawal All they have to have is an uber account, burner phone and a cash debit card I think uber has put some mechanisms in place regarding changing of payment...
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    Do I really need to buy this 2020 Fusion?

    And on the 3rd one permanent deactivation !!!!
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    Another week of certification

    I get more than that after taxes and don't need to risk anyone's life.
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    Wt_ is going on?

    Everyone is some color so I guess your assumption is somewhat true. What color you are guessing they are is just a guess... 1590413542 A person of color infecting paxes by driving in a pandemic Racism at is best..
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    messed up food?

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    Do I really need to buy this 2020 Fusion?

    If you uber the heck out of it the warrantee will be over in about 6 months. Youll be upside down about $5 grand. Dont forget you can be fired at any time for any or no reason at all. The answer to this question is a no brainer. I dont even believe you asked it. This is a troll post right?
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    Mitch McConnell vows to end your $600 a week of enhanced Unemployment Benefits

    Those calls to suicide hotlines are from blue collar people that are realising how bad of a mistake it was to vote for trump...
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    Serious advice and how/who to get it to at Uber

    He just said he contracted private (cash uninsured btw) with his presumably real name on his account. If you didnt know this is wrong in many ways and is grounds for permanent deactivation So no im not kidding in any way...
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    Advice regarding what you share with s.o. about pax??

    Telling them I'm not gay generally works the best...
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    Went online the first time since March... very sad

    I asked my dads dr on a video appt when this was gonna be over. He told me 2021, we have a long empty road ahead....
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    no law with wearing mask

    You should quit and go visit all your relatives without a mask till all this fake covid19 virus hoax bullshit is over... Ps: uber doesnt hate anyone they just plain old dont care
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    lyft deactivated?

    I think 2 weeks ago i got payments backdated for 5 weeks. They werent really that fast but they are giving it just like uber had paid. I dont usually take people that far north because nobody ever comes back.