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  1. Denmingo
    I started Uber driving in Canberra on 1 November 2017. The red tape and bureaucracy I went through is just mind-blowing!
  2. Jakses
    Jakses Tippyshot
    Beware of tippyshit. She/He is a scammer. She got exposed by many people on the forum.
  3. LynnR
    LynnR Tippyshot
    Hello Tippyshot can you help me ? I'm a driver in la doing prime now. Do you have a script block grabber for sale or share that you can help me set up . I was using a bunch of other methods but the bot war continues ... thank you !
  4. Vegoose
    Vegoose Tank_Driver
    Hey Tank, hope all is well. Its Steven from youtube.
    1. Tank_Driver
      Hey Steven! Great to see you on here.
      Nov 19, 2017 at 7:54 PM
  5. Bess Jezos
    Bess Jezos
    Delivering smells...
  6. Sammies mom
    Sammies mom
    Can anyone out there give me some advice on best times to drive. I was wondering if Black Friday is a good day?
  7. Pebblebeach#7
    My second day driving will be today,, thinking about taking people to the cowboy game, worthwhile?
  8. Uber Trooper 2199
  9. Richard Moeun
  10. MercDuke
    Going out Driving
  11. Paul117
    Paul117 Patrick1990
    Do you recommend starting anywhere specifically? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  12. Paul117
    Paul117 Patrick1990
    Hey Patrick. I've seen some of your post regarding Uber in LI. I too have tried to start in the great neck area and find myself increasingly frustrated with the low amount of pings.
  13. MercDuke
  14. Erica_Le
    offline and away from the roads.
  15. FastnFuriousforLyfe
    I really like making a difference! Even if it is taking one drink off the road at a time...
  16. themikep87
  17. themikep87
  18. MNic
    I wonder if it is possible to change from your personal car to a Rider share car?
  19. omarmahdi
  20. Chris Verdi
    Chris Verdi
    I love watching cocoasoft. Suffocating no breathing porn