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  1. MercDuke
  2. Erica_Le
    offline and away from the roads.
  3. FastnFuriousforLyfe
    I really like making a difference! Even if it is taking one drink off the road at a time...
  4. themikep87
  5. themikep87
  6. MNic
    I wonder if it is possible to change from your personal car to a Rider share car?
  7. omarmahdi
  8. Chris Verdi
    Chris Verdi
    I love watching cocoasoft. Suffocating no breathing porn
  9. Grampa Uber
    Grampa Uber Grandpa Uber
    Now after 10200 rides I am still rolling
    Uber came thru for me. I was on a hellish car crash and took care of my riders and me. Thanks Uber.
  10. Me Uber
    Me Uber
    Uber xl is a disaster. First of all Uber controls who get the request even though you are the closest person to a rider. Don’t trust Uber.
  11. SPeezy
    Ex-driver that worked fulltime (80+hrs/wk) for an entire year. Currently, involved in pending DLSE wage/misclassification proceedings.
  12. ntcindetroit
    That guy was born with his mouth and butt mixed up. He is a troll. Bitter cabbage probably who got booted from Uber coz he is useless.
  13. Erica_Le
    Just a part time ride-share driver in Austin area.
    A Ride to Remember
  15. 2Cents
    What about the one that is in March? Booked that one yet?
  16. SuperSunny
    For MA/Massachusetts Referral: UBER 50/$450: PENGFEIL90UE LYFT 30/$300: PENGFEI93084
  17. Sammies mom
    Sammies mom
    I just started driving for Uber in York, PA. I would like to hear from other drivers in that area about best driving times. Thanks!
  18. JCarlson
    Lights are on but no one's home.
  19. Uber Annie
    Uber Annie 2Cents check it out this is what I have been waiting for all year I booked it last December this is my 6th cruise but my first one with on NCL all my others were on RCL. VTG does an excellent job with singles. This could be my last singles cruise I met someone this past August LOL
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    3. Uber Annie
      Uber Annie
      I am in a studio cabin which from what I understand NCL is the only cruiseline that offers those cabins. They even have a Studio Lounge which is only for people that have studio cabins and you have access to a bar and 2 level area with snacks and beverages 24/7.
      Nov 16, 2017 at 10:45 AM
    4. 2Cents
      Did you say 24 hr booze?
      Nov 16, 2017 at 12:28 PM
    5. Uber Annie
      Uber Annie
      the bartenders are only available in the studio lounge 5pm-7pm everyday i cannot remember the drinking policy on cruise ships when you are at sea there are no rules so i think you can get alcohol in the casino
      Nov 16, 2017 at 1:27 PM
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  20. Perkey