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  1. Lexkan
    Uber dog eatz dog
  2. Lexkan
  3. Arman.nosrati
  4. Respect The Beard
    Respect The Beard
    Oh how I miss the days when ridesharing was prosperous.Rideshare Free for 4 months now.
  5. Tjphilly2
  6. bwchubb
    take what you can, give nothing back...captain jack sparrow & joshamee gibbs
  7. Guy D'Amato
    Guy D'Amato
    Soft answers turn away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger
  8. uberdriver_james
  9. Saleeem
    Saleeem Mr. Affinito
    Hey, I might be interested in your accord, get in contact with me
  10. uberdriver_james
    new to Uber in the union , Spartanburg area any tips
  11. Keel
  12. JazzyJ
    Has anyone had any issues with Uber taking out .50 on a regular weekly deposit as though you had cashed out and still not deposited funds.
  13. Scottsdaleproblems
    Well I am the new girl on the Block Any advice? I did my first rides tonight The very first was to Talking stick My ride is a Chrysler 300
  14. Keel
  15. Le6end
    Driver for uber 5 months . Looking for a real job that pays more than )$10 per hour still
  16. Seminaire
    I got a ticket for pick up in Nassau County today . They said its illegal for uber to work in Nassau . Should I send the ticket to uber .
  17. Jo3030
  18. TommyTheCat
  19. Pooler Duck
    Pooler Duck
    New member. Been driving for two weeks part time. Drove 10 hours last week and cleared $180. Would love to hear input from seasoned UPs.
  20. LAuberX