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  1. Mr. Wheeze
    Mr. Wheeze
    My name is Mr. Wheeze. I often have to sneeze. But when I have to sneeze I always sneeze in two's and three's.
  2. S.RAVI
    Updated the photo
  3. llort
    I'm tired of people calling me LORT! My name is pronounced 'Yort'. The two LLs produce a Y sound.
  4. thirstygiant
    I am the midnight uber in our community. I have reduced DRUNK DRIVING EXPONENTIALLY....!
  5. SuperStar3000
    One Star For You !!!
  6. sllsmths01
  7. stevothedevo
    stevothedevo Aidin
    Hi aidin. If you need any help let me know. I just went through the process.
    Use this code when you sign up ss referal

    If you sign up under that i will gladly give you advice and give you a free UBER baseball cap you can use as part of your uniform. Helps the passengers identify you
  8. nodak
    nodak Uber & Lyft Insurance
    Do Uber drivers need to carry additional insurance? Doesn't Uber have $1M policy for drivers?
  9. Genoa
    Keep Calm and Drive On
  10. Uber Shenanigans
  11. leftard54
    Hello everyone. A new member here. I'ver yet to make my first run but plan on getting out this weekend. I drive a black 2014 Impala.
  12. qiaoxiaopang
    "I'm an asshole, I'm an asshole, I'm an asshole, assholiooooooooooooo"
  13. ntcindetroit
    Which TNC do you like?
  14. 50Bait
    I'm the newbiest newb ever.
  15. Pokerpro1974
    Pokerpro1974 jaxbeachrides
    How much can I make a day living in Jax Florida? I work nights in Tallahassee right now and usually do $100 from 10-2am
  16. Ubaengine
    Stay focused never look back and drive it like ya stole it.
  17. pleasegetinthecar
  18. ntcindetroit
  19. PatsFan
  20. L Jay Consultancy
    L Jay Consultancy Mark Kuchel
    Hi Mark - I just noticed you posted to introduce yourself so I would like to do the same to you.

    My names Liam and I'm an ex-uber driver, though I've recently started a bookkeeping company, called L Jay Consultancy – if you need a hand with your GST and BAS.
    As a 'start up', I'm offering incredibly cheap rates for bookkeeping & BAS lodgement.

    Please do give me a call on 0432 184 047 if you need me

    Thanks Mark!
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    2. Mark Kuchel
      Mark Kuchel
      No worries man Thankyou !!
      Mar 23, 2017 at 5:53 AM