Honey Badger fights the coronavirus

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Hi everyone. Thanks for your well wishes. I've been getting numerous PMs with concerns. Sorry for totally disappearing but as my fever climbed and my breathing became more and more shallow, I actually found it very difficult to read or type...

Costs and Earnings: The Real World of Rideshare.

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I was responding to a thread in Los Angeles, but I think this is generally useful information, and applies to all markets though ertainly the actual numbers are going to vary based on region. In Los Angeles, gas is often over $4 a gallon...

After 1,000 trips, what REALLY suck about driving.

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Just popped my 1,000 trip cherry this week.

1. Uber charges PAX in my town the same per-mile fee as arriving to them as they do dropping them off. Yet despite this, I get paid PEANUTS if I drive 5 miles to get someone and only have to drive them...