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Uber driver stories, part V

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Uber Driver stories: Part Five

No win situation

Chatting on the phone with a fellow driver when I received a ping to a grocery store a mile away. Should have let it go, but pings were few and far between so I took it. We...

Uber customer pricing & why it matters that we know what it is

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Why it matters what Uber customers pay


Uber and Lyft are now trying to hide what the customers (pax) pay from the drivers. Uber has made the disclosure screen oversized so that taking...

Driving related injuries

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Driving for Uber (and Lyft) can cause long term health injuries, some that you might not think of. We think of diet, circulation, and that sort of thing, but there are other serious issues that drivers need to be aware of, and perhaps take care...

FAQs for new Uber and Lyft drivers

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Hey everyone, here is a remake of something I published about a year ago. It seemed very popular. So, with some minor tweaks, here it is again: FAQs for New Drivers