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Honey Badger fights the coronavirus

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Hi everyone. Thanks for your well wishes. I've been getting numerous PMs with concerns. Sorry for totally disappearing but as my fever climbed and my breathing became more and more shallow, I actually found it very difficult to read or type...

Rideshare Drivers Who Block Traffic: Oh Stella!

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I went out for coffee with a friend of mine the other day. Since we both went in her car, I got the chance to be a passenger, which was a nice break from driving for me. While we were en route, traffic in our lane suddenly came to a screeching...

Dear Television News Reporters,

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Spreading misinformation is not helping (Rider safety.)


This morning as I was getting ready for work, I was watching my local news broadcast in Seattle Washington...

My Taxing Situation Part 1

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In January of 2016 I had walked away from a nine year semi trucking career and began proceedings to enroll in college to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. (Specifically programming and database.)

I took some time off just to enjoy...