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Storm's Coming

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Today was my son’s birthday. He was born in a hospital just outside the City of Toronto on March 31, 2003. This was the first day Hospitals in Toronto and the surrounding area initiated isolation and tracing protocols for a deadly corona virus...

The Customer Is Always Right. But Who Is The Customer?

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The 20th century retail chestnut, "The Customer Is Always Right" was coined by the owners of Selfridges Department Store, as early as 1905, and has been losing its luster for decades. Particularly because that phrase presents some interesting...

5 Features For The LYFT/UBER App That Would Enhance Both Driver & Passenger Experience

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First off, let us be clear that this is not about increasing driver pay, or lowering passenger cost. Uber and Lyft are not going to pay their drivers more money. Both ride hail companies have been bleeding Venture Capital money by the billions...

Is This How To Handle A Lost Cell Phone?

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This article is intended for discussion on the minutiae of a situation that is bound to happen (often) to any regular Uber/Lyft Driver. While it happened in Toronto, Canada, it's a pretty universal experience in any market, and this...