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Killing Yourself to Live (long late night story)

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I only have about 6 or 7 rideshare stories worth telling. Here’s one of them. This one was partly my fault, but I was pretty green at the time and I’ve since made a few adjustments.

It was a Saturday night back in Jan or Feb, coldest night of...

Caught a live one......Thoughts on "Cash Rides" after the official Uber Ride?!?!

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Set out Friday night to make some cash. Left the office about 5pm, didn't bother washing the truck since it was raining/drizzling. Did vacuum out the weeks worth of cheerios, and other toddler crumbs. Tossed the car seat in the bed, and flipped...

Is Lyft stealing extra from drivers?

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Is Lyft stealing extra from drivers? We all know they take way more than they should. We also know they will try and avoid paying cancel fees, surges, etc, if at all possible. But I am talking about direct THEFT, in the form of intentionally...

One of those days when I think - I need to get my head examined for doing Uber.

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I have a full-time, white-collar job that pays pretty well. On top of that, my employer is so flexible. I can work from home anytime I want, and in truth, doing the job well does not require 40 hours of work a week. This gives me time for some...