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One of My Worst Days - The Bullcrap Child

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Today I started early, at least for me. Just like yesterday, it was a VERY slow day. Only 3 passengers between 10am and 1pm. Here in California, you can already see the estimated fare, destination, distance. I saw one that said I can earn $8 to...

Uber customer pricing & why it matters that we know what it is

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Why it matters what Uber customers pay


Uber and Lyft are now trying to hide what the customers (pax) pay from the drivers. Uber has made the disclosure screen oversized so that taking...

Will Uber go out of business?

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The IPO raised $9 billion for Uber.

Uber burned through $5 billion of that dough in one year following the IPO.

In order to raise more cash to sustain operations, Uber will have to sell more stock.

But, thing is, the stock's value is...

After 1,000 trips, what REALLY suck about driving.

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Just popped my 1,000 trip cherry this week.

1. Uber charges PAX in my town the same per-mile fee as arriving to them as they do dropping them off. Yet despite this, I get paid PEANUTS if I drive 5 miles to get someone and only have to drive them...