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Is Rideshare Recession Proof

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Is Rideshare Recession Proof -Part 1-


June 3, 2019,

The concept of writing this article about what effects an impending economic recession...

The worst driver scam of all

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If you read a few stories on UP you will quickly learn that there are plenty of scams that an occasional slimy passengers (pax) may pull on drivers in order to get a free ride. Some of the common ones include claiming that the driver was...

How I Survived Driving Part-Time in the Suburbs

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All I wanted to do was make $200 a week driving 10 to 12 hours for Uber. I thought it would be easy but it led me on a 1,500 trip odyssey.

A little less than 3 years ago my wife and I retired. We sold our house and moved into a condo...

Earning more tips as a driver

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Earning more tips as a Lyft/Uber driver without spending a penny


Drivers all want to earn more tips, without doing anything or spending much to achieve them. Everyone is looking for...