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Think outside the box!

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Sorry for the long post, wanted to cover all the details.

Create your own opportunity.

Got a call from my mom, she is turning 80 and does not get out much and is scared to death to go out right now. She wanted to know if I would...

Honey Badger fights the coronavirus

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Hi everyone. Thanks for your well wishes. I've been getting numerous PMs with concerns. Sorry for totally disappearing but as my fever climbed and my breathing became more and more shallow, I actually found it very difficult to read or type...

Disinfect your car, protect yourself from SARS-Cov2.

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I will keep this as brief as possible. This information is based on my OHS knowledge gained studying microbiology and biological sciences at university, with many hours working in PC-2 and PC-3 lab environments, including work with bacterial...

Pandemic: Is it worth the risk to drive?

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I came into the rideshare industry in the summer 2015. Like any job that involves the transportation of the general public in a vehicle, I assumed the risks. As rideshare drivers we have had to deal with so much just to bring in enough money to...