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Is Rideshare Recession Proof? Part 3

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In this post I'm not arguing if rideshare is recession proof, it isn't as most of you my fellow drivers responded and I agree.

This time I'm just sharing what I...

The Dead Fish pick up

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I pull into a medical building and begin to cruise through the parking lot to find my pickup. I see a Hasidic man on his phone, he's looking at me but does not gesture or in any way acknowledge me.

I see a black woman talking on her phone also...

The Inconveniece Of Beth

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The Inconvenience of Beth

August in San Diego is usually hot. Wildfire hot. The mornings usually hang with the heat of the prior day, and the afternoon are triple figures away from the coast.



I had...

You were right - ask riders name every time

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First off I have to come clean and admit that people on another thread told me that to avoid problems I need to ASK the rider their name rather than greet them with their name and I scoffed. You were right and I was wrong.

Yesterday I had the...