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PASSENGERS OF UBER AND LYFT: Mask-Up. Or Pay The $5 Education Fee.

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Many US States (and Canadian Provinces) are moving towards fully re-open their economies, and the demand for Uber and Lyft rides has seen a drip drip drip increase in the past few weeks. In some markets onboarding of new drivers was put on hold...

One of the best days ever!

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Yesterday I thought to go home earlier than usual and something inside me insisted to go online. As usual, there was no surge or PPZ which is not a big deal. I had completely forgotten about the app until an hour later I dropped my phone due to a...

I advocate that Uber drivers ought to consider themselves as an independent business entity focused on the bottom line in every aspect of driving.

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Minimizing Costs while Maximizing Profit

Dear friends, Happy Memorial Day to all! As I finished my shift last night, I reflected on a conversation I had with a fellow driver "G" who I think approaches...

For those who are already receiving unemployment benefits, and to those who likely will be approved, I truly urge you all to use the time productively

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Increasing Productivity In Our Down Time.

Time to Rethink

As I have been reading many of the thoughtful posts across this forum, I have tried my personal...