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The Customer Is Always Right. But Who Is The Customer?

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The 20th century retail chestnut, "The Customer Is Always Right" was coined by the owners of Selfridges Department Store, as early as 1905, and has been losing its luster for decades. Particularly because that phrase presents some interesting...

Driving related injuries

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Driving for Uber (and Lyft) can cause long term health injuries, some that you might not think of. We think of diet, circulation, and that sort of thing, but there are other serious issues that drivers need to be aware of, and perhaps take care...

Dropping Some Pro Tips For Drivers

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Understanding the economic fallacies that drive the decision making of most drivers will help you to elevate your driving career.

Drivers tend to set a daily earnings goal. As they grow close to their daily goal, they tend to drop off the...

Here is why Uber Comfort is a big insult to drivers

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I've mentioned numerous times on this forum that Uber Comfort is a trojan horse for Uber to bring in more revenues by charging the pax more and taking more from the drivers at the same time. That's all its purpose. Not for bringing in a new...