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Author: Kurt Halfyard

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Chemist. Father. Zardoz Fan.
In a former life, I was moonlighting as a Film Critic, writing about world-cinema and genre for various online media, including Rowthree.com and ScreenAnarchy (Formerly TwitchFilm). I still do a few international Film Festivals per year, and run a Poster/Design column as well as contributing interviews and reviews to various sites (TheShelf, InTheSeats, SpectacularOptical, ScreenAnarchy.)

Favorite Films (people always ask; here ordered by release date): The General (1926); M (1933); The Maltese Falcon (1941); Singing In The Rain (1952); High & Low (1963); Seconds (1966); 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968); F For Fake (1973); The Conversation (1975); Alien (1979); Blade Runner (1982); Big Trouble In Little China (1985); The 'Burbs (1989); Out Of Sight (1998); Eyes Wide Shut (1999); Catch Me If You Can (2002); Master & Commander (2003); There Will Be Blood (2007); The Counselor (2013); The Neon Demon (2016)

Currently, and for the last 20 years, I've been working as a materials chemist for Xerox, with my name on 26 US Patents for various consumables and technologies: Inks, toners, elastomers, printed electronics.

Drives Lyft part time.
This article is intended for discussion on the minutiae of a situation that is bound to happen (often) to any regular Uber/Lyft Driver. While it happened in Toronto, Canada, it's a pretty universal experience in any market, and this particular instance has been elaborated in full detail to foster discussion.


Last night I got...
PAX: "Is this an EV?"
Me: "Well, it is, until it isn't."

This is the beginning of a conversation that I have at least 10 times a week with riders on LYFT. I certainly do not mind this conversation, as I started doing this side-hustle to maximize the utility of a depreciating asset (my car), indulge my insomnia, to see how well the economics worked with a fuel efficient vehicle, and if I am...