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Yesterday: 3 Pax

Discussion in 'Tips' started by Doowop, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Doowop

    Doowop Member

    1. Pick up pax from high-end restaurant. He tells me he is a bartender there. The relatively short trip takes us to his second job, another very nice restaurant, where he advises that he is the manager. No Tip
    2. Pick up another passenger from high end restaurant. Relatively short trip. He advises me that he is n process of owning several high-end restaurants in the very near future. No tip.
    3. Receive next ping from Subway sandwich shop. Pick up employee. Take her home.
    Fare $3.98. Tip: $5.00.
  2. Jufkii

    Jufkii Well-Known Member

    cedar rapids
    No surprise your experience with these people. But so nice on the rare occasion to return the same favor if patronizing their restaurant.
  3. ColdRider

    ColdRider Well-Known Member

    And the poor stay poor..
  4. rcrouch

    rcrouch New Member

    Louisville, KY
    I have had many similar situations. Oddly enough, more times than not, it is the servers and bartenders who get tips that routinely give me tips.
  5. joebo1963

    joebo1963 Member

    Fort Lauderdale
    yesterday I had a general doctor and and optometrist both no tip..... and they chatted pleasantly with me all the way....then say thanks and bye....

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