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Question for Black/SUV drivers

Discussion in 'Licensed' started by hulksmash, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. hulksmash

    hulksmash Active Member

    Inland Empire
    Since your platform doesn't surge together with lower tiers of service, do you all have the ability to opt down into X or XL during high surges when those services exceed your rates? I was at the Rams game the other night and saw plenty of you guys still logged on when the surge was up to 5-6x. X rates exceed black after 4x and XL exceeds SUV after 2.9 or so in my market.

    My question is why don't more drivers log off black/SUV and opt down during high surges. Is it cause youd rather get something than nothing at all, or cause you only have that option? It seems you are only shorting yourselves in this scenario.
  2. DexNex

    DexNex Well-Known Member

    Seattle, WA
    1. Yes.
    2. Because we don't want reg. drunk X-level passengers messing up our vehicles.
    3. Tips.
  3. hulksmash

    hulksmash Active Member

    Inland Empire
    Don't you still get low level pax since the app now makes it easy for anyone to see your services are cheaper at those times? Don't pax still have the same notion of tips being included/not required, especially since your rates are higher most of the time?

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