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Now we have our own place to chat!

Discussion in 'Helsinki' started by AndyfromFinland, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. AndyfromFinland

    AndyfromFinland New Member

    Helsinki, Finland
    I think it is polite to speak english, even most of us would like to speak finnish?
    Lets use this place well, to speak things related to Uber and ridesharing in Helsinki, or Finland in general.
  2. Sydney Uber

    Sydney Uber Well-Known Member

    Sydney Australia
    I've never actually spoken with a Finnish driver - you write well in English. How's UBER going there? Doing OK for you?
  3. AndyfromFinland

    AndyfromFinland New Member

    Helsinki, Finland
    Yeah, It's mostly nice to drive for Uber.

    Recently there have been many press-releases from the local Taxi-association, asking how Uber
    can function in Finland? Since they see this as an illegal-Taxi.

    I myself see this as just another mean of transportation.
    If you think about Busses, Subway, Trams, Railroads, Carpools, (Call-plus) and Taxis. I think that this is for the
    transportation need between Call-plus and Taxi.

    I guess I need to explain this "Call-Plus" to other non-Finnish people. Call-Plus is my direct translation.
    Its a mini-buss that has Government start-up money for several million euros, the rides are optimised so that
    the route is fastest and shortest and the traveling time is optimised also. It stops any where to pick-up or let people out.
    See more here: https:// kutsuplus.fi/ home (in english) (remove spaces after forward slashes)

    We're living interesting times, in Finland regarding the future of Uber in here, after what happened in France.
    (Even though France is quite an extraordinary country, regarding their politicians and way of making public decisions)

    How is it in Australia? Is Uber active only in Sydney? Do you have any problems between taxi-drivers?
    Does people make living from Uber in Sydney? Has Uber cut their prices yet?
  4. Sydney Uber

    Sydney Uber Well-Known Member

    Sydney Australia
    I have cars in UBER Black/SUV. Watching with interest how UBERX and its challenge to the "legal" Public Transport modes finally plays out.

    The Taxi industry around the world provided uber with this opportunity, living in a safe closed regulated market, whilst over the decades simply forgetting that they needed to keep the passengers interests first and not evolve a industry with Investor returns foremost.

    But the crazy thing is what UBER is doing by continually dropping prices to knockout competition and increasing commissions for their investors, is to upset the best drivers, who will always have options and hang onto the poorest drivers with fewer options.

    So UBERX becomes what it aims to knock out.

    Black and SUV is swamped with cars and income is less than 50% it was 12 months ago. Even with better rates.

    Uber is active in all capital cities except Darwin and Hobart. Not all have the range of cars.


    Why are there no Finns on the moon?
    They went, but there was no wood.
  5. Stratos

    Stratos Well-Known Member


    Wishing all the Uber drivers in Finland to have a wonderful time and to enjoy the ride.

  6. Janne

    Janne New Member

    Janne is also signed in this forum.
  7. Idiot Savant

    Idiot Savant Member

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