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Lyft ripped me off when I picked up in "no cell area".

Discussion in 'Lyft' started by cenTiPede, Jan 10, 2017 at 6:45 PM.

  1. cenTiPede

    cenTiPede Member

    I just had a rider today in an area with no cell connection. Couldn't let them know I arrived, couldn't call them. Had to get out of the car and ring the door bell. Twice today, and with one of them I had the wrong address on the app. And of course I couldn't tell Lyft that I picked up the PAX.

    So I picked the passenger and drove until I had connectivity. Once there I did the arrive/pickup thing.

    Anyway, I had a bad feeling so I logged the ride mileage. Later on the day, when I went to check on Lyft's website the drive was short a few miles. I checked with Google maps and sure enough they were the same amount of miles where I had no connectivity.

    Since the dumbarses don't answer the phone or emails, I feel like I'm going to end up bringing them to small courts and make the case public so they change their ways.

    Tonight I'll try the proper channels and wait till tomorrow to see if the ride didn't get revised.

    In the mean time I advise you guys to keep a log of your dead zone driving, because there's a good chance they are ripping us off.
  2. cenTiPede

    cenTiPede Member

    Come to think of it, they're probably short-changing themselves as well. So it may not be malicious. But it's definitely a problem.
  3. Trump Economics

    Trump Economics Active Member

    They rip their drivers off for normal rides, too, so connectivity makes no difference to me.

  4. cenTiPede

    cenTiPede Member

    You know. I had a pick up on the no cell land today and I made sure to check the mileage. They didn't cheat me this time.

    The previous one may have been a one time error on their side, but I'll keep my eye open for a repeat.
  5. UberPartnerDennis

    UberPartnerDennis Well-Known Member

    Concord, CA
    All you need to do is simply email Lyft support and explain to them what the issue is with the ride and they will adjust it....quit thinking Lyft is only out to screw its drivers....you will have a stress free day that way

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