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Average pay Uber driver Manchester

Discussion in 'Manchester, UK' started by Taxi8, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Taxi8

    Taxi8 Well-Known Member

    I thought I would give some opinion here from a driver's perspective concerning average earnings.

    For anybody considering driving with Uber please think again. It is only suitable if you are desperate for money.

    Ignore all the slick and fanciful radio advertising, the aspirational advertising on billboards. The brand.

    The reality is another matter altogether. The associated costs of driving with Uber and the 25% of an already low rate which Uber deduct will likely leave you earning less than minimum wage and treated like dirt.

    First things first, do not trust a word Uber says. It does not in the slightest care for you or any other driver. It is all about money and expansion. Drivers are just a commodity which they want to pay as least as they can for, while getting as much as they can from. You have no rights. The customer is more important than you.

    Do not commit to purchase a vehicle or sign a lease agreement for any fixed amount of time longer than 3 months or you will regret it.

    Real average pay per hour after Uber has taken their 25% is - @ £11.50ph.
    Then assuming you hire a vehicle like the ones recommend by Uber, that's £180pw+.

    30 hours per week = @ £345. - £180 car rental - £40 fuel - £10 miscellaneous.
    = Take home pay of £115

    40 hours per week = @ £460 - £180 car rental - £55 fuel - £15 miscellaneous.
    = Take home pay of £210

    50 hours per week = @ £575 - £180 car rental - £70 fuel - £20 miscellaneous.
    = Take home pay of £305

    . . Take note, even working only 40 hours per week is tiring and stressful with traffic and the odd annoying customer. Especially considering you are doing it for so little money makes everything worse. Doing this week after week is an almost impossible task and will damage your health.

    Earning less than minimum wage is a normality.

    There is also no holiday pay, sick pay etc. If you are ill for example, need to take time off, you are in big trouble. Working with Uber you will unlikely be able to save cash, you may struggle to pay your bills or even put clothes on your back. So any time or money lost is impossible to make up. A precarious position to be in.

    Uber = exploitation.
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  2. gigabyte3d

    gigabyte3d New Member

    I agree with everything that you have said.

    I will be leaving uber by end of March and moving into becoming data analyst.

    No more sweat shop for me
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  3. Taxi8

    Taxi8 Well-Known Member


    It would be OK work if the money was good and fair. It is not, and never will be with Uber unfortunately.

    Good luck with becoming a data analyst mate. Hope it works out for you, the wage is OK and you are treated with respect as a valued worker.
  4. gigabyte3d

    gigabyte3d New Member


    The Uber platform is great - it's just the low fares. ****ty fares from 80s/90s that give me no motivation to get out of bed some days

    I have to work 70 hours plus to net 750 - after expenses and car rent; left with **** all
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  5. Wolverine

    Wolverine New Member

    San Antonio
    Hello Gigabyte, my aunt is interested in putting a car on Uber in manchester, can you put me through the process of on boarding? Thanks

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