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  1. Swiftysa
    Muchas Gracias, tech support !!
  2. Swiftysa
    Mucho gracias, tech support !!
  3. UberXnyne
    UberXnyne Uber chick in miami
    Hey! Has the Lux gotten any better for you?
  4. chrismargu71
  5. UberNaToo
    "I am in hell! Hell, sir! Why are you being so damn reasonable now? Goddamn your blood to hell with mine, sir! Goddamn your blood!"
  6. Mr Wow
    Mr Wow
  7. Alfred Harasyn
    Alfred Harasyn
    No instant pay today cannot get an answer from Uber
  8. Alfred Harasyn
    Alfred Harasyn
    No instant pay cannot get an answer from Uber
  9. spaceman
  10. UD Extraordinaire
    UD Extraordinaire
    Watching Uber crash and burn...
  11. Snowtop
    Snowtop louvit
    I you want to discuss Bariatric surgery in Mexico send me a phone number and I will be happy to fill tell you about my experience.
  12. Ashish Tripathi
    Ashish Tripathi
    Are you aware of the major traffic rules? Can you identify all the traffic signals and signs? The answer to it might be negative.
  13. Ashish Tripathi
    Ashish Tripathi
    Download the exclusive Driving License Practice Test Application by letsnurture & be a Smart Driver
  14. Nuriva
  15. LadyDi
    Happy New 2017 Year Uber guys and dolls
  16. Aaronidus
    got scammed at the airport, was a 4.6 and when got the ping it was a 1.2. I saw this happen on you tube to another guy. Why this happen?
  18. Rae1213
    What is waybill ?
  19. jetfire2004
    jetfire2004 Lyft4uDC
    Sir, I have not even had my 1st official Uber shift yet, but ther was an older 2015 post you had that said" remember for each trip, subtract 1 dollar. whats left, take out 20 percent. whats left is your $$". pardon my true Uber ignorance, but can you explain that phrase to me? Does it still hold true 2 years later?
  20. Jurgen Ringer
    Jurgen Ringer
    I need to replace my vehicle. Being a large person, an XL might be best. Can I accept both X and XL? Any time I can't?