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  1. Aaronidus
    got scammed at the airport, was a 4.6 and when got the ping it was a 1.2. I saw this happen on you tube to another guy. Why this happen?
  3. Rae1213
    What is waybill ?
  4. jetfire2004
    jetfire2004 Lyft4uDC
    Sir, I have not even had my 1st official Uber shift yet, but ther was an older 2015 post you had that said" remember for each trip, subtract 1 dollar. whats left, take out 20 percent. whats left is your $$". pardon my true Uber ignorance, but can you explain that phrase to me? Does it still hold true 2 years later?
  5. Jurgen Ringer
    Jurgen Ringer
    I need to replace my vehicle. Being a large person, an XL might be best. Can I accept both X and XL? Any time I can't?
  6. Jurgen Ringer
    Jurgen Ringer
    Can I just ask my question?
  7. Brian G.
    Brian G.
    Sports teams here are great but the living sucks. I rather be in the mountains now pay me Bit$$
  8. Brklyn_Knight
    Do unto others as you wish done unto you. Peace or pieces, you choose.
  9. SkyKing
    Learning Learning Learning
  11. Ultracraft
    A fact of life .......
  12. DjUber2016
    DjUber2016 Ubergirlzz
    Hey ubergirlzz. Terry here. Go to a web site UZURV. GET Uzurv driver app for your phone. Its a seperate reservation get a driver code. Got biz cards with code on it. Give to every rider. They put rider app on their phone. They reserve you at a specific date, time, place, do uber from backseat. Anywho, take a look & see if its something that can work for you.
    Its starting to for me. Later.
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    2. Ubergirlzz
      Thank you! Will do it. :-)
      Jan 16, 2017 at 8:41 AM
  13. Hardtomakealiving
    Hi everyone been a female driver since early 2014 and hasn't Uber changed price wise definitely not for the better
  14. negeorgia
    negeorgia PTCGUY
    I got a few questions about logistics with pool.
  15. UbingInLA
    The only way to profit with Uber --- drive a donkey.
  16. Traytray
  17. phoenix500
    phoenix500 Jesusdrivesuber
    thanks for your post. anyway you can help me bypass ubers system?
    1. Jesusdrivesuber
      I can't because you have no record of being an uber hater, you could be an employee hunting for loopholes.
      Jan 15, 2017 at 3:15 AM
  18. Dieudonnee
    Dieudonnee JaySonic
    Désolé d'entendre si vous avez des problèmes sur le forum
  19. SMD
    SMD ubersleek
    Hi Mate

    Well done in your earnings on Saturday. May I know which areas your drove in and what times?

    Thanks for your help.

  20. phlibby
    Just finally got around to starting this account. So, just saying Hi! for now I guess.